6 Takeaways from "The Taken King"

July 31, 2017 21:48 |


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By Dan Stiqe

But first, here’s a great joke from Reddit user athiktos!

A Titan, a Warlock, and a Hunter walk into a bar…

... and it is super crowded. It's the busiest bar they've ever seen. There's guardians everywhere, drinking and having a good time, and our three friends can't find anywhere to sit!

The Titan turns to his friends and says, "Hey guys, go order some drinks while I try to find a booth or something." The Warlock and Hunter readily agree to the plan, and so they split up.

While the Warlock is ordering drinks, they hear a crash and a woosh behind them. They turn around and see a quarter of the bar has been absolutely destroyed, and their friend is standing in the middle of it!

"What happened?" asked the Warlock.

"I used my Fist of Havoc," the Titan replied.

"Why would you do that?" the Hunter asked.

The Titan looked at them without blinking and said, "All those seats were Taken."


And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

6 Takeaways from the first two days of The Taken King

MOTES OF LIGHT AND COMMENDATIONS ARE NOW CONSUMABLE. Motes level up your currently equipped armors and armaments. Commendations were converted from the old Crucible/Vanguard marks, 50 marks per commendation. They can be used to gain reputation with crucible or vanguard, though it's in your best interest to first COMPLETE THE NIGHTFALL for your weekly experience bonus and level up a class item that grants you bonus Van/Cruc rep gains.

SWORDS* COME IN THREE TYPES: ARC, SOLAR, AND VOID. It’s a rock-paper-scissors setup: each type is good against the other two, but not against itself. You can do the same three-hit combo as with the swords you’ve used in the past—this absolutely WRECKS in PVE (but not in PVP—you will not get kills without the element of surprise). You can upgrade to allow for blocking; it’s a constant drain (like a tick every 1.5 seconds) but a HUGE armor boost for frontal attacks. (*To get a sword, you have to finish the entirety of the main story missions. You’ll know you’re done when you see the cut scene where—spoiler alert, but not really—Eris touches Oryx’ sword. After all is said and done, Zavala will be asking for 25 Hadium Flakes and 10 motes of light. Bring those to him and BAM! Sword it up, home slice!)

MAKE SURE YOU READ THE QUEST. If you notice that your kills aren’t registering, re-read the quest. The wording is usually pretty specific, but in some spaces it’s tricky. If you think you should be getting kills but aren’t, try using TTK weapons or killing TTK enemies.

REWARD PACKAGES FROM AL FACTIONS NO LONGER STACK. When the popup comes up to grab it, any extra ranks in whatever faction you rank up will not award packages until the first one has been claimed.

BE WARY OF A POTENTIAL GLITCH ON THE DREADNOUGHT. There are plenty of new ghosts to be found, but watch out when you try to grab their “calcified remains.”

Most important bit of info: DON’T STRESS! If you don’t know what to do or can’t open a chest, come back to it. We're ALL still just winging it, and most of those chests won't be available until materials become available over the coming weeks.

There are a lot more secrets that we’ll be diving into—we’ll update you as time allows. We want to be confident that we are providing CORRECT, CONCISE, and HELPFUL info.

Until next time, Guardians, and happy hunting!

Please send* any questions, comments, discoveries, etc. to dan.de.guardian@gmail (*By sending, you agree to be quoted or published.)