Fragment Hunt: Using the Agonarch Rune

July 31, 2017 21:52 |


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“If you seek suffering, this is the place…”

The Agonarch Rune is an item which, when charged, can help you win a calcified fragment (Fragment XXXVI, to be exact).



How do I get it?

You’ll find this item when you find the rifts located throughought the Dreadnought, most easily among the Mausoleum and The Hull Breach.


Chances are, though, you already have it. If you fought waves of Taken at a rift and you killed one of the following villains, he probably dropped the Agonarch Rune:

  • Gornith
  • Purtra, The False Tongue
  • Artaa, Hive Knight
  • Tortured Wizard
  • Dakkadi
  • Gurroth
  • Surnon, Dark song


What can I do with it?

The rune can only charge once per day over 7 days, but once it’s fully charged, you can take it to the Founts to start a (cough) FUN event that will get you the calcified fragment!

However, beware. This even will pit you against ALL your previous targets plus one mini-boss, in synchronized waves of pure horror (that’s where we got that lovely quote at the beginning… be prepared). A special Taken Zealot (Ultra) at the end will really give you a run for your money.


How do I charge it?

Since your targets shift between dimensions at will, you'll have to hunt them down as they make their once weekly appearances.

If waiting isn't quite your style, it's fully possible to transfer your Agonarch Rune to a second or third character, as the game allows each individual guardian to charge a rune once!

This means you could technically charge your Agonarch Rune in as little as three days after initial acquisiton; 3 times the first two days and your final charge coming on the third.

Once it’s all charged, insert the rune into the proper receptacle, and voila!

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Those persistent enough to hunt down all of these elusive fragments and face all of the game's special challenges will find special encounters with the promise of deeper and more exciting rewards!