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album Tales of Nowhere Season One
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album Tales of Nowhere Season One
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 5
The next adventure in the Adventure of the dimensional jumping crew.
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 6 :Royal Fiasco
The next chapter in the story of our dimensional jumping heroes
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 7: Classic Rock and the Tentacle Conundrum
The Next chapter in the story of our dimensional jumping heroes
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 8: Thunder Down Under
The next chapter in our dimensional jumping heroes story
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 9: Meet the Hondonians
The next chapter in our heroes dimensional adventure
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 10 : The First Farewell
The next chapter in our inter-dimensional adventure
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 11: Family, Friends, and a Whole Lot of Crazy
The next adventure in our inter-dimensional journey
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 12: Sewer Insanity
The next adventure in our inter-dimensional journey
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 13: Charles in Charge
The next adventure in our inter-dimensional journey
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 14: Sorry About your Watermelon
Physically, everyone's closer to each other than ever before. But emotionally? That's another story. This world will seemingly stop at nothing to drive these people apart. But there's good news: they finally decide to do something about it.
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 15: A 1920's Mulan Scenario
Finally, the Infiniteers have taken destiny by the scruff of its neck and dragged it somewhere unexpected. But now that their plan has been set in motion, all the pieces are in place, and they're ready to fight the good fight...will the dude even show up?
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 16: Go Ask Alice
We're back on mission as the Infiniteers decide to pack up and leave Arkham to follow the only lead they have. But the answers they find at the end of this road may be more disturbing than anyone could have guessed.
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 17: The Bunker Hills Have Eyes Motel
The Infiniteers face thier biggest challenge yet: a bunch of bugs. And after that harrowing experience, they instantly find another. Welcome to the creepiest motel in all of Lovecraftian Horror.
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 18: The Playthings of Shadows
After the battle against monsters and nightmares, it's time for a party. The day has finally come for the Arkham Annual All Hallows Eve Ball, and with it comes all of the magic and mischief you'd expect from such an occasion. Trick or Treat.
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 19: Portal Party
Their time in Arkham is drawing to a close. With so much still to do, how can the Infiniteers wrap everything up in the kind of nice, shiny bow we all know and love? Well, maybe they can't. But they're certainly going to try.
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 20: Two Old Men and Some Camels
Having left Arkham for sandier pastures, the Infiniteers wind up in Egypt to track down the tear that brought that horrible artifact into the universe. Unfortunately they run into some...complications. Also, camels.
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 21: The King of Canada
Back at the Cafe, there could be serious problems with the Infinity Trigger. So while a few of the Infiniteers journey into the multiverse to investigate, a couple stay behind to catch a ride.
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 22: Not Quite Nowhere Double Trouble
Part One of Three. With questions about their nemeses fresh on their minds, The Infiniteers find themselves in a strange and dangerous place: another multiverse entirely. At the root of this new multiverse, will they find the answers they're looking for?
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 23: Not Quite Nowhere Kitty Purry
Part Two of Three. The Infiniteers head off to another corner of Fortress Nowhere and wind up fighting for their lives as things get even more insane than they were before. Let the Games begin!
Tales of Nowhere S1 Ep 24: Not Quite Nowhere Root Killer
Part Three of Three. The Games are officially over. An audience has been won, and it's time to get some answers. Only problem is, the truth is super weird. Hold on to your butts.
Coffee Break 3
What did we think of Call of Cthulhu? Find out in this optional review episode! Everyone gives their two cents on the system, some thoughts on the podcast in general, and you'll also get a look at how we rebuilt our characters for the upcoming system before next week's episode!
Honeypot in Space Vegas
Arriving in a brand new world, and feeling some of the unfortunate side effects of their dinner at the Cafe, the Infiniteers set out in search of transport. But before that, they're going to have to pull a heist.
ToN -The Gentlemen Jack Pt. 2
With the Infiniteers separated, and a familiar enemy literally at the front gate, will they be able to reunite in time to save the day - or was this plan actually just as terrible as it first seemed?
Tales of Nowhere 33: Moonwalk of Shame
Closer than ever before - in more ways than one - the crews of two starships attempt to get along while crammed into the Exile of Fate together. Will they be able to hold out until they get to the planet, where the Infiniteers can finally continue their quest?
Tales of Nowhere 34: Out of the Frying pan and Into the Firefight
The Infiniteers finally have the last piece of the puzzle in sight. All that's standing between them and victory is a massive, terrifying spaceship with advanced engine and weapon capabilities. So, no biggie.
Tales of Nowhere 35: Family
The long road to Pax has finally reached its end. As the Infiniteers embark on their journey through the ancient jump gate, farewells are said and revelations are...revealed. Yes, that was very descriptive.
Tales of Nowhere 36: Mother's Day Special
Our Mom's all get together to play a One Page RPG to celebrate Mother's Day! Join Lonnie, Joan, Rosie, Doctor G, and Stephanie as they take a break from their book club to solve a mystery around their small town of Cedar Mill.