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Stolendroids 261: FBI Pirates 59:43
It’s always great when the FBI itself starts pirating tools to infringe on our privacy, right? Could they not just fork out the extra $100 or watch a YouTube video on how to do it instead? Collin has returned for a great conversation on how you better upgrade your home every 18 months, everyone wants Yahoo, and how sometimes you get a better game when you steal it!
Stolendroids 262: Canadian Criminals 59:43
If you think the FBI is bad with their power grab, they’ve got nothing on our Canadian neighbors! Google is helping Zuke to remember his goals, grey hat hackers are having a field day with their new business venture, white hat hackers are absolute studs, and Apple plugins support terrorism (sorta).
Stolendroids 263: So Number Two 59:43
Collin is on a date . . . or dead. They kind of blur together at this point, don’t they? Amazon drops news so big that Zuke’s wife called him up to see if he had heard, we gain some maturity in the tech world, and we determine the two types of people who shop at Walmart.
Stolendroids 264: Poor Broke Twitter 59:43
In this episode, the Stolendroids crew discuss some interesting happenings at Twitter.
Stolendroids 265: The AdBlock Godfather 59:43
“Such a nice internet you have here . . . shame if something should happen to it!” It’s a slow week in tech news, but the few headlines that trickle out are still nearly enough to get Zohner to rage! We have AdBlock flexing is muscles, cellphones not causing brain cancer (duh), Teslas becoming the new bio-terrorism response vehicle, and Microsoft looking at shading your patio (not really).
Stolendroids 266: Black Links Matter 59:43
I don’t even know what I’m looking at here. Is this a newspaper? We are running on no sleep at all and so this episode might be a little . . . weird. It’s not just us, though, as the news this week has Google forgetting how to internet, Transformers pulling freight on American freeways, and people using . . . things to unlock their phones. Yeah, this was a weird week.
Stolendroids 267: So Much Google 59:43
Schmidty is back for a podcast host trifecta and we are dealing with an overload of Google news. I guess it makes sense, since they sort of flooded the new cycle but . . . oh hey, look at that; Zohner uses LinkedIn. And Netflix is trolling us? What is going on here!?
Stolendroids 268: Suicidal Robot Workers 59:43
The guys are running on fumes as real-life threatens to ruin everything! Thankfully, we have some pretty weird news to perk us up and keep us interested! The FCC pulls over a car, Marvel collides with Musk, and Foxconn may be needing to upgrade their nets soon.
Stolendroids 269: Manchurian TeamViewer 59:43
So, if TeamViewer claims that the only reason people are having breaches is because they are using the same passwords found in other hacks . . . why are some people having the same issue with two-factor authentication? And if Atari isn’t making games anymore, how are they making IoT things now? And if I made you annoyed by publishing this episode a day late, does that mean I can be arrested now in Europe?
Stolendroids 270: Fat Axl Rose 59:43
Voting for The Podcast Awards is over; thank you to everyone who voted for us! Now we wait to see what happens! So many things have been hacked and passwords stolen, it’s not even funny. Well . . . it’s sort of funny. It’d be a lot funnier if it was only happening to Zohner, but it turns out it’s happening to a LOT more people than that.
Stolendroids 271: Zuke Gets Beeped 59:43
Sometimes you say something that sounded funnier in your head than it did out loud. And sometimes you say you’re going to catch it in post, but don’t. And sometimes you do. This was one of those ones where we did. Everyone is hacked again, but more importantly we can’t get anymore free pizza! AT&T is way behind the times and so is the President’s phone.
Stolendroids 272: Reebacca 59:43
So, I think it’s safe to say things in the world are in free fall at the moment. The tech sector is hurting REAL bad after this week and will continue to do so for awhile. Not that any of it is going to keep us from making fun at their expense, though!
Stolendroids 273: Meerkat Massacre 59:43
We have more headlines than we can cover in a single show and half the sleep we need. Apple may be ushering in 1984 while Blackberry is trying to usher in 2003. Meanwhile, judges and politicians who might still think it IS 1984 are making rulings on technology. So, you know, that’s awesome.
Stolendroids 274: Pokemon Fembots 59:43
There’s a Pikachu over there, so I have to make this fast! Blackberry was still making a phone no one wanted, China is using “ads” to track people, a Ford dealership doesn’t know what copyright is, and . . . holy crap there’s an Onyx I got to go!
Stolendroids 275: Summer Movies Suck 59:43
Oh, you disagree? Where was the internet when this fine specimen dropped? I think the first step to fixing a problem is identifying there is a problem. And in this case, there is no problem; all summer movies suck. They can be fun, and you can really enjoy yourself, but just know that they all suck. In other news, Nintendo has learned how to basically just print money at this point and if you aren’t chasing virtual vermin with your phone then I have bad news for you: YOU’RE the weird one. The statistics only prove it.
Stolendroids 276: Not Marissa Money 59:43
I think it is my new life goal to get paid to specifically NOT do a job. I’m not sure how I’ll ever hit that mark, but I will not rest until I find a way. Meanwhile, China has just found a way to see what we’re all doing online, police use technology and a bit of science fiction to get around the 5th Amendment, and (surprise surprise) France has a problem with a Microsoft product.
Stolendroids 277: El Cheapo Baya Negra 59:43
First off, I know it’s actually episode #277; I have no idea why I say #278 at the beginning of this episode! Apple hits a milestone that really means something this week, while Blackberry releases a cheap phone they didn’t have anything to do with and raised the price! Sure, that’s really shaking up the market. Meanwhile, Facebook admits to trying to shape political news by censoring posts and “selfie addicts” are evidently a thing now!
Stolendroids 278: Poor Lil Brudder 59:43
We’ve got some political intrigue and conspiracies this episode! Also Blackberry (so that’ll be hilarious). And finally, have things really gotten so bad that we are considered press? Really people? REALLY?
Stolendroids 279: Lose The Filter 59:43
As a bit of an upfront warning, there is NO verbal filter this episode. Which is really saying something for us, when you think of all the countries we’ve already offended. We have leaked keys, hacked keys, and deadbolt keys. We have old folks with mobile payment, farm folks with internet crimes, and private toys that violate privacy. We have Facebook and AdBlock entering a war or attrition. And we have Snapchat.
Stolendroids 280: #DurkaDurka 59:43
Yeah, we may get a lot of hate for that title. Twitter might even ban us! France has gone all . . . French on Pokemon, Uber is making you an unwitting test pilot, and the NSA is just off on its own and not listening to any of the rules. Also, can someone please sell Facebook a clue? Historically speaking, they’ll pay a LOT for it! Headlines: Google Duo launches and it’s amazingly simple. Most password scanners fail to notice easy to crack passwords. Shadow Broker hack suggests the NSA was breaking the rules. WHAAAA!?!?! More Windows 10 Anniversary update breaks things without remorse but there’s a fix Twitter: Jihad now? Ask me how! Facebook aims to launch a competitor to Steam Google finally figures out where people want ‘Google Now’ . . . in the Google browser! Uber: Is it still ride sharing if the ride is actually the one picking you up? Verizon has a great plan to make your phone WORSE! Pokemon: Leave it to the French Pokemon: Leave it to . . . Belgium? Zuke’s Favorite: Hot Wheels can probably go faster than your actual car Zohner’s Favorite: Bob A. Fett’s backpack is awesome.
Stolendroids 281: Few Bad Apples 59:43
Apple is having some problems this week as the iPhone 6 determines that it doesn’t like being touched. A bit of a problem for a touchscreen phone. The FBI may have missed its true calling as it turns out that it’s actually pretty good at running “certain” websites! Also . . . France. Headlines: WhatsApp now sharing private info they promised they didn’t have with Facebook HTC sets an impossible goal and surprises no one at failing to meet it Apple is quick to fix security flaws when they happen to activists iPhone 6 & 6s have a case of the bad touch Surprise! Apple phones “break” more often than Android Oh France, you crazy inbred European cousin The FBI is evidently better at running a child pr0n site than the normal webmasters Google to punish people with annoying mobile ads! T-Mobile takes things just a step too far “Epic Games” forum hacked . . . again Want to take over a home? Use the outlets! Mozilla has the one browser to rule them all Android 7 is here . . . if you’re on Nexus But not the Nexus 5 because screw you Zuke’s Favorite: Stop action is the best action! Zohner’s Favorite: Con Man: The Game
Stolendroids 282: Con Crud 59:43
It’s been a long weekend as we try to get over whatever it was we picked up at Salt Lake Comic Con. Seriously people, it’s not hard; warm water and soap. Also, Brittney, we hope you hack up a lung. Zohner may have helped destroy western democracy as we know it, we aren’t totally sure. We DO know, however, that he has ruined Dropbox, Opera, and Google. The man is like Typhoid Mary, but for online security! Headlines: Google falls to #hackzohner Zohner also uses Dropbox, so . . . Zohner is also a registered voter, so you know what that means And finally, Zohner used the Opera Browser Worried that Zohner talks about Trump too, Clinton campaign uses encrypted chat Facebook fired their entire “news” team to put an algorithm in charge The algorithm’s name is evidently “Zohner” Google has decided to ruin Waze Al Capone was sent to jail for tax evasion, but Apple thought they could get away with it ITT Tech will no longer accept students Anker recalls USB-C cables for destroying electronics Logitech makes a mouse Zuke can use while recording Hospitals decide to give people in immense pain drugs and VR. What could go wrong?! Steam now issuing refunds for ‘No Man’s Sky’ Dead or Alive: Beach Vollyball VR is just what we need (for Fox News to be right about video games) T-Mobile alters their “One” plan to make it ever so slightly less illegal Android Nougat will help you collect cats Note 7 exploding Zuke’s Favorite: Phill Lamarr Zohner’s Favorite: The last widget you’ll ever need.
Stolendroids 283: Hipster Courage 59:43
Apple has yet to disclose if the new iPhone 7 actually contains courage, is made from it, or requires it for the manufacturing process. In any case, those Foxconn workers have their work cut out for them! Maybe Samsung built the new Note 7 out of “vigor”, which would explain the current battery issues. In other news, Zohner claims that #hackzohner is not in effect with the recent breach of 800K pr0n accounts, but I think we should let history speak for itself. Headlines: Follow up: ITT can help you with a career in bankruptcy court The USB thumbdrive that can totally destroy your computer The Note 7 now not welcome on US flights Samsung expedites new Note 7’s out after FAA announcement. Presumably shipped by sea Amazon will happily sell you a device that doesn’t “exist” yet This is the iPhone 7 iOS 10 download available September 13 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus pricing No more 16GB option for iPhones New Apple Airpods, to look like you’re using broken earbuds Apple’s BS about “courage” LG to Apple: “Yeah, well we HAVE a headphone jack, and it’s awesome!” Playstation 4 Pro announced Basis writes rubber checks Brazzers hacked – #hackzohner not in effect Mario to soon run on your iPhone Warner Bros. says that Warner Bros. is in violation of DMCA The end of Open Office? Zuke’s Favorite: A new view of hell Zohner’s Favorite: A new TV show for conspiracy theorists
Stolendroids 284: Explody Freebies 59:43
Sometimes we hate being right about things. Especially when it’s about things we like! Samsung is having a hard week with phones that don’t want to remain inert, carriers that can’t return them, and no one knowing what to do about it. iOS 10 manages to either brick your phone or just simply not allow you to use it as a phone. And be careful what internet-connected gadget you put where; people are watching! Headlines: Facebook is doing more censoring Adblock Plus sells out HP buys Samsung’s printer business Samsung phone explodes in little boy’s hands Samsung getting sued over their bombs Samsung Note 7 gets recalled Samsung to mark replaced phones Note 7 recall isn’t going very well The S7 is apparently also a bomb Note 7 software “fix” won’t fully charge the battery Will Samsung remotely kill the Note 7? Samsung may follow Apple’s lead regarding headphone jacks Samsung loses a lot of money iOS 10 update is bricking devices T-Mobile warns against upgrading iOS 10 brings you porn FBI has webcam advice Ubuntu torrent apparently infringes on Transformers? Smart sex toys violate privacy Zuke’s Favorite: The Roast of Captain America (language warning) Zohner’s Favorite: Motorsport Manager
Stolendroids 285: Reddit vs DPRK 59:43
Whenever you feel like your internet is running slowly, just remember; at least you aren’t in North Korea! Turns out they have less actual websites than GTA5 has in game! Google has released Allo, which will help weaken their messaging platform like they’ve always wanted (wait, what?), HP decides to really stick it to people who buy their products, and alarmist headlines try to freak out over something everyone does. Headlines: Group leaks Michelle Obama’s passport just to prove he can Cisco devices still vulnerable to NSA hack Yahoo might be announcing 200M users were hacked Oh, nope: 500M yahoo accounts instead Reddit brings down all of North Korea’s 28 websites Google releases Allo Hello Allo, goodbye privacy Samsung fix violates Google standards HP shuts down third party ink cartridges Developer sues users due to negative reviews and Steam retaliates Google teases new phones Zuke’s Favorite: I get to drive a Warthog! Zohner’s Favorite: Animation Throwdown will cause you to time travel
Stolendroids 286: Called It 59:43
It’s not so much like we’re surprised because it’s finally happened; we’re more surprised it took so long to happen. Google has some exciting news in the area of home wifi with a product they are calling . . . Google . . . WiFi. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ A fully non-explody Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire this week, but don’t worry! Samsung says it has nothing to do with the reason all the other ones are catching fire! Like having more than one reason is somehow a good thing right now. Headlines: No Man’s Sky investigated for false advertising HP is shocked (SHOCKED) people found out about them blocking third parties Google says hello to “Wifi”, possibly says get lost to “OnHub” More info on Google Wifi A replaced Galaxy Note Kaboom goes up in flames. Samsung says new Galaxy Note fires are from a totally new reason. Oh good. Blackberry catches up to reality Facebook also catches up to reality But not before censoring more journalists! Lucky Palmer may be a douche Disney is looking at buying Twitter because, why not? Finally! Glasses for pervs! Plex partners with Amazon to make all your dreams come true Unless you put pirated movies on your Plex, then you’ll probably get jail Motorola still enough in business to lay people off Google may be releasing a laptop killer for twice the price of a laptop! Zuke’s Favorite: Forza Horizon 3 Zohner’s Favorite: Fitbit Charge 2
Stolendroids 287: Apple's Bad Touch 59:43
Things aren’t looking so hot for Samsung . . . which is ironic because they have the hottest phone right now. In fact, it’s so hot, it might actually kill you in your sleep. Perhaps Samsung should ask Apple how to spin this whole thing, considering Apple still hasn’t fixed any of the “Touch Disease” issues they have an no one is complaining! Oh wait, you mean people ARE complaining? Nevermind. Headlines: AT&T stops selling the Note 7 Trust in Samsung fades What did Samsung know? Replaced Note 7 burns on a plane Replacement Note 7 melts in a teenager’s hand UPDATE: Class Action lawsuit sounds like Apple has an STD Yahoo scanned email for the NSA Yahoo shows that they are tone deaf Verizon has an interesting way to bypass upgrades UPDATE: Game developer who sued for bad reviews closes up shop Verizon can’t keep a secret Want a Pixel? Go to Verizon The Pixel will only have some Verizon bloatware The end of 4 Chan? What if nobody buys Twitter? Try your game before you buy it on the Play Store Amazon uses common sense, bands incentivised reviews Facebook launches their own Craigslist . . . finds they didn’t want to be Craigslist! Face-List is sorry that people used their Craigslist service exactly like Craigslist
Stolendroids 288: Contentious Cohosts 59:43
The rage is strong with this one. Samsung is in a really bad spot: Not only do they need to get all those potentially combustible phones back, but now most post services won’t allow them to be shipped! Evidently, your mail carrier doesn’t like being given possible bombs (there’s a law or something about it). Headlines: The Note 7 is no more Samsung will send you a fireproof box to mail your phone back But no one will allow an exploding phone to be shipped Could this be the end of all Galaxy Notes? Oculus disabled Gear VR to keep you from burning your eyes Huawei tries to copy Samsung (forgets to copy the burning part) Comcast gets fined for straight up theft Comcast also decides you don’t really need data anymore Yahoo suddenly doesn’t have a 20 year old feature in email Zuke’s Favorite: Titanic sank slower than the entire movie of Titanic Zohner’s Favorite: 270towin
Stolendroids 289: Nintendo Switchup 59:43
Nintendo breaks the mold and brings us something that could really change everything . . . if there are any games worth playing on it. Facebook hopes you die of cancer, but please don’t post any pictures of it cause it might cause a technical issue. Finally, Comcast is found guilty of doing that thing from “The Firm” that Tom Cruise discovers (you know, that thing). Headlines: Pokemon Go hit’s $600M faster than any other mobile game Whatever Weebly is, it’s been hacked Nintendo changes the game (console) Everything we know about the Nintendo Switch Facebook has a “technical issue” and bans a breast cancer group Comcast gets caught basically committing fraud T-Mobile also was sort of being fraudulent Samsung encourages you to bring their bomb into airports The Note 7 mod in GTA was not well received by Samsung Live in India? Samsung needs you to develop for them Android trojan makes you do stupid things Google Assistant isn’t so . . . smart Razer buys THX Apple releases iOS 10.0.3, to Collin’s gratitude Apple doesn’t want to build a car anymore (thank goodness) Zuke’s Favorite: Lisa Foiles: “You deserve to be murdered” Zohner’s Favorite: How healthy is your battery?
Stolendroids 290: Boring Awesome Microsoft 59:43
Apple and Microsoft have brought out their big guns this week as we have “innovation” galore! The new MacBook Pro brings some fun tricks to the party and the Surface Studio changes the party entirely. And then there’s Google. Poor Google: Vulnerabilities, losing money on fiber, and no one is buying their smartwatches. AT&T has also had a bad time this week as we learned they both have been spying on us AND want to merge with the hated Time Warner Cable. Just in case you didn’t despise them enough for one, you can have the other to bolster your distain! Headlines: Apple’s revenue declines for the first time in 15 years! Apple actually innovates the Macbook Pro Apple fails to innovate the Airpods Microsoft offers to bribe you into a Surface Microsoft announces the best PC you can buy, in the most boring way possible People aren’t buying smartwatches Alphabet’s “Other Bets” aren’t working out so well White Hat Hackers win serious cash at pwn2own 9 year old Linux bug was never fixed. Now in all Android! Vine is dead. Not 6 seconds too soon, either AT&T wants to buy Time Warner (good luck with that) AT&T has been spying on everyone for fun and profit! Intel offers refunds for the B1 watch Cisco can cut pirate feeds of events . . . if anyone cares enough to. IoT devices helped bring down the internet, just as predicted Zuke’s Favorite: Adam ruins everything (about this election) Zohner’s Favorite: The Walking Dead compared to The Walking Dead
Stolendroids 291: Attack of the Cat 59:43
So what does a dirty Scotsman, mandatory state re-education, and a cat’s butthole have to do with each other? Evidently they are all in this episode. Microsoft comes late to the team party with a Slack competitor, Apple is actually dropping prices on items you wouldn’t need to buy if it weren’t for them, and Google is being just a colossal douche. Like, really, just the worst.
Stolendroids 292: Facebook Killing Spree 59:42
So 2016 just keeps getting weirder and weirder, huh? We won’t talk politics, but we will talk about Presidential policy and what we have to look forward to in tech (spoiler, it isn’t great). Also in the news was common knowledge from a few years ago (thank you short attention spans) and Samsung’s attempt to develop an explosive murder-bot/virtual-assistant. Good times all around!
Stolendroids 293: Samsung Autodrive 59:43
According to Zohner, #HackZohner is not in effect with Adult Friend Finder now being hacked. I think we all know the truth though, right? Apple has the stupidest thing you can spend money on, and it’s pretty sure there’s at least a few of you who will buy it. Samsung has decided that with exploding phones, exploding washers, and exploding OTHER phones . . . the next logical step is to get into people’s cars. Oh, and if you are spouting hate on Twitter, you better not be white (cause they’ll come after you for that).
Stolendroids 294: Wewease The Quacken 59:54
Dish yourself up some extra potatoes and try to ignore your slightly racist uncle explain everything that’s wrong in the country; it’s an early episode of The Stolendroids Podcast! We break our own rules and record a new show only 48 hours after the previous one is published, and OH what an eventful 48 hours it was: China has dropped all pretense and embraces their 1984 regime, Office Depot has been scamming customers (like any of us didn’t already know that), and Samsung hits a new low. Like, a really shameful low.
Stolendroids 295: Twit That Faceback 59:54
Want to hear what it sounds like when Zuke has a stroke on-air? How about when Google has one and gives its AI the ability to create its own language? Or when politicians have one and tweet out really bad science (it’s ok, they’re just the politicians in charge of science). In positive news, Netflix is giving us what we all wanted. So . . . not all is lost, right?
Stolendroids 296: The Jagged Pebble 59:54
Pebble didn’t really lie when they said Fitbit wouldn’t be absorbing all operations . . . they just left out the part that said NO ONE was going to do operations. Sorry backers! In other news, we now know why all those Note 7’s kept going up in flames. It’s physics! We also know why iPhone 6s’s were bricking. It’s chemistry! And we know how Facebook is going to battle “fake news”. With stupidity!
Stolendroids 297: Crunchy Knuckles 59:54
2016 is coming to a close and we have some important news for you! In addition to all the celebrities who died, 2016 also saw the death of Blackberry. Yup, we’re calling it; it’s dead. Also this year the death of Yahoo, the death of Samsung’s credibility, the slow death of wearables, and the slow death of Flash. Wasn’t this year fun?
Stolendroids 298: The Last Podcast 59:54
. . . of 2016. It’s the review episode for the year, which means there’s probably a lot that you wished we didn’t remind you of. Yeah, that’s about the best I can spin it.
Stolendroids 299: Into The Breach 59:54
Once more, dear friend. Hack Zohner is in full effect. If you like baseball cards, voting in your elections, and are American then you need to change your passwords because Zohner is those things too! Facebook is becoming more and more a shadowy Big Brother and no one seems to care much. Russia has been sanctioned by the USA (cause that always seems to work). And at least Hyundai hasn’t been working with Samsung on their new fuel cells!
Stolendroids 300: The 300 59:54
It’s the big three-oh-oh for us this week! I know, I can’t believe you’ve put up with us for so long either! This week we see Facebook getting all religious on us, Trump getting his very own wing at the Internet Archive, Julian Assange finally really losing it (and Zuke possibly getting sued over it), and Blackberry really trying to stay relevant in an industry they officially left. Oh, and CES happened. Yay?
Stolendroids 301: All the Pron 59:54
So it never occurred to us who would need to actually go through all the smut on the internet to make sure it was all (ahem) legal. Turns out it’s a very shell-shocked group of people who have PTSD! Great. Good job humanity. Meanwhile, Iran hates the stuff so much that they tried to block it. They blocked it so hard, they knocked people in Hong Kong offline. Great. Good job, Iran! We also learn that the FBI is after all the “stuff” on your Nana’s computer. At least, that’s what they’d have to be after since they’ve contracted with Geek Squad to look into people’s computers and it’s not like anyone ELSE is taking their stuff into a Best Buy to be fixed. Nothing makes sense this week.
Stolendroids 302: Standardized Butt Washing 59:54
You didn’t know it, but there’s a big problem with using a bidet . . . namely that no one knows how to use one! Leave it to the Japanese people to save you from this problem, though. In other news #hackZuke may be starting up (thanks, Zohner), Mozilla has decided that it is now a company that has “something to do with the internet”, and the National Highway Association has deemed Tesla’s autopilot safer than a human. Just not ALL humans.
Stolendroids: Glorious Orange Leader 59:43
We hate talking about Trump. No, we actually do. But where it crosses into the tech world, we’re sort of obligated to anyway. HP’s are exploding this week, but Samsung wants you to know how sorry they are. Mac sales are declining, but the PC market is on the mend. And in the apocalypse that is to come, the resistance will be led by the National Park Service.
Stolendroids 304: The Fall Of Apple 59:54
Apple is claiming that the Watch is doing better than ever . . . but won’t tell anyone what that means. Also, everything is fine with all their other products . . . but the iPad is down 22%. And Google just took their spot at the top of the brand mountain and Microsoft has regained it’s money throne.
Stolendroids 305: Gaga's Killer Drones 59:43
It’s been another hectic week for us. So much so, that there are no favorites; it’s solid headlines! We’ve got news from the world of Lord Dampnut, LG’s worst kept secret (and disappointment), and of COURSE a Samsung factory caught fire. It’s only reasonable that EVERYTHING with that logo on it is now an incendiary.
Stolendroids 306: Kitty Flesh Wound 59:42
A much jet-lagged Zohner chimes in to talk about Apple’s ability to invent and innovate things that already have an entire society devoted to it. I don’t know how that’s even possible, but mark my words, it WILL be how it’s spun. Meanwhile government employees are worried about the government tracking what they say, which should force us to pause for a moment. And evidently working for Google can pay you SO much money, you can effectively tell your boss where to shove it and walk away. I think that just may be everyone’s dream. Special presentation of “Crosby Sweater” by Hilltop Hoods.
Stolendroids 307: Return of AMD 59:43
AMD is back from the shadows and I suddenly feel like the old cop in Dark Knight Rises. “Oh boy are you in for a show tonight, son!” The Department of Homeland Security had some problems this week as they got locked out of their network. Meanwhile, Glorious Leader’s personal website was hacked. Guess it’s a good thing he’s so good with the cyber! Apple’s new home is looking gorgeous and almost ready for business and an Amazon Echo may be witness to a murder.
Stolendroids 308: The Ocho 59:43
Mobile World Congress has come and gone and it feels not a lot has changed. Blackberry has launched a phone to try and capitalize on nostalgia, and it will probably fail. Nokia has also launched a phone to capitalize on nostalgia, and it’s AWESOME. The internet almost died and it was all because of a typo. And you can get a new set up from Dish Network when you get your washing machine to stop exploding (no, really).
Stolendroids 309: The Albino Tipster 59:43
Trigger Warning: Zuke isn’t so happy with the state of things in this weeks episode. Between the Department of Justice deciding that evil shouldn’t be punished, and everyone’s supposed “hero” being an actual extortionist/alleged-other-thing, there’s a lot to be upset about. But hey, at least Google is getting a new office. Right?!
Stolendroids 310: Google Goes For Broke 59:43
Google had a bad week, breaking everything from their competition to the sanctity of your home. T-Mobile may be on a killing spree in Texas. US Navy says gamers may save us from the robot uprising. And McDonald’s might be in hot water with Glorious Leader.
Stolendroids 311: Skynet Road Rage 59:54
Everyone assumes that Skynet will start murdering us with guns because it views us as a threat. In truth, it will just start running us off the road because we keep cutting it off or refusing to yield right of way! It’s our birthday and Zohner is ready to drop from all the partying (work travelling). Samsung gets things rolling with a new assistant and ZTE tries to get us something but misses the mark entirely. Meanwhile, Apple gives us something new but then tells us they didn’t spend too much on it for us. Gee, thanks Apple. You shouldn’t have.
Stolendroids 312: Getting Old 59:43
Times are changing when there is going to be a world without Yahoo and AOL in it! Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Spleasedon’trememberthattimeweblewup8 to critical acclaim. And it turns out that the Attorney General in charge of Anti-Trust enforcement may not actually understand what “anti-trust” IS. Great.
Stolendroids 313: Zohner's Tiny Trumpettes 59:43
Hell has frozen over twice this week as Collin suddenly has more time with a woman than normally possible and Schmidty rises from the grave! The Federal Government was told that no one believed for a second that they could be that stupid. In an official statement, the Federal Government said, “Hold my beer.” and went straight up 1984. Like, they didn’t even try to be subtle! Good thing that they noticed we all saw them and called them on it! Meanwhile, Google has an awesome idea (Home/Wifi Mesh) and a not so awesome idea (fake news that requires you to research news) and Samsung decides to just take all the money from everyone. Even you, Greg. Yes, especially you.
Stolendroids 314: Services vs Ads 59:43
With everything we bring into our home from companies trying to sell online services, it shouldn’t be surprising that we’re now getting ads ALL THE TIME. We have Burger King trying to hijack our home to sell us fast food, Google trying to hijack our grocery list to sell us food, and Roku trying to hijack the device we already paid for to make us buy more! Oh, and something about Blackberry.
Stolendroids 315: Your Headphones Have Ears 59:43
Whoa, can someone check to see if Hell is still warm? We have a full team on this week’s show to discuss the conspiracy theory that might not be just a theory: Your noise cancelling headphones are LISTENING! Also, Facebook has announced some things and Zuke just cannot bring himself to care even a little bit.
Stolendroids 316: So Very Lonely 48:43
Having four people host the show at one time was too much for the Internet to handle, so this week Zohner is flying solo. We apologize in advance, please understand though that there is a lot of lonely going on. He does try to behave himself though as he rambles on about exploding Fitbits and how mobile carriers have too much drinking in their marketing departments.
Stolendroids 317: Ich Bin Groot 59:54
Apple is claiming that their Apple Watch is selling more than ever . . . but don’t want to give us any numbers to back that up. I could claim that this episode is already the most popular one we’ve ever done and it’s been downloaded a million times, but without any actual figures as proof it’s all just smoke. Same with the Watch. Sorry Apple, we want to believe you. Also, no one is sharing a Google Doc with you. Ever.
Stolendroids 318: Profound or Fried 59:43
It’s been a long week for us here, and we may not be making the most sense. Or we ARE making sense, and discovering some of the most amazing realizations ever. Honestly, we’re not sure. We DO know that things have just gotten very interesting if you’re in IT and have ever thought about joining the military. Also, there’s a good chance that you’ve been infected with a computer virus that is about to ruin your life (it’s just statistics at this point). And Microsoft has shown off some real sweet goodies heading our way soon!
Stolendroids 319: Recording Concussed 59:43
Zohner tried to catch a hammer with his face this week so he’s a little out of it. It might explain why he’s so excited for new emoji designs in Android O, honestly. Meanwhile, Microsoft is none too happy that the NSA decided to keep some vulnerabilities to itself and Apple pulls the classic “It’s not us, it’s you” with exploding headphones. “You can use any battery! Except that battery you used. That one might kill you.”
Stolendroids 320: Ketchup Patent Rescue 59:43
A holiday weekend means we’re recording late (and tired) so expect some hilarity to ensue. PayPal states what we’re all thinking since Pandora changed their logo and the battle against patent trolls has just gotten easier thanks to . . . Heinz Ketchup? Sure, we’ll take it. Also, if you’re given the chance to buy a used Nokia phone from India, I’d just pass on that if I were you.
Stolendroids 322: Those Wacky Chinese 59:43
Last week was Apple’s WWDC which means we have a load of Apple goodies to go over! Except none of them seem that new and only one of them looks sorta new. The scandals though, those aren’t new at all! Those are classic Apple through and through. Oh, by the way, isn’t anyone who hasn’t already bought something from you a hypothetical/potential customer? Yeah, Apple doesn’t seem to think those exist.
Stolendroids 323: RSS Woes 59:43
Ever have one of those times when nothing seems to work? Yeah, that’s us right now and it sucks. Things are moving in the tech world this week, though! Amazon is up to . . . something with their Whole Foods purchase, Verizon probably isn’t up to anything with their Yahoo purchase, and Microsoft announces a new Xbox I’m going to have to purchase. It’s an expensive episode.
Stolendroids 21: Arlen Schumer 1:12:31
The Silver Age of comics (circa 1956-1970) was a glorious time. It was a time where some of the greatest and most influential comic book artists were doing their greatest and most influential work. With legends like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko teaming up with Stan Lee to create iconic characters, including Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four at Marvel, and Neal Adams completely revolutionizing the way we see our super heroes over at DC, there was no shortage of amazing artwork in comic books. Comic book historian, author, and lecturer, Arlen Schumer, has taken it upon himself to teach others about just how influential and important the Silver Age actually was to comic book storytelling. To help accomplish this, he wrote the award-winning book, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art, and has given numerous lectures all across the country on the subject. He was also kind enough to give us some time to chat. If you are a fan of of comic books, history, or just want to hear a really good conversation, then this episode is not to be missed! You can follow Arlen at his website. He is also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. And while you’re at it, go buy his book. You’ll be glad you did.
The Official GeekFactor Podcast 1: Stranger Things 56:59
The crew discusses the exciting new Netflix show Stranger Things.
The Official GeekFactor Podcast 2: Pokemon Go 47:08
The crew discusses the smash hit game Pokemon Go.
The Official GeekFactor Podcast 3: Harry Pottcast 57:38
We put together one of the most formidable Potterhead brigades in Utah to discuss The Boy Who Lived and his wizarding world.
Bombad Radio: 2016 - Year in Review 47:02
This special New Year's episode has James and Jason discussing all the various Star Wars related media from this year, touching on book releases, video games, Star Wars Rebels, and of course Rogue One. They also discuss the passing of Carrie fisher, her legacy, and what she did for not only women in film, but for women in all walks of life.
Bombad Radio 260: Did Star Wars Give us Halo? 1:00:01
In Episode 260, David returns to the show for the first time in years and Travis and Jeremiah join him to discuss, Halo? Yes the video game franchise by Microsoft (Bungie and 343) is the subject as we connect it to Star Wars. Is Star Wars why we have Halo? What other connections are there beyond authors in the series? Listen to us discuss the famed Halo Franchise, its games, origins, books, and how Star Wars is perhaps responsible and what else it has led to!
Bombad Radio: 5th Birthday 2:27:38
Today we celebrate Bombad's 5th birthday!
Bombad Radio Presents: The Spirit of Star Wars Part 1: The Fifth Element 45:18
Since 1977 Star Wars has been a greatly influential force in filmmaking and for film goers everywhere. In Part 1 of our summer series we dive into Luc Besson's 90s Science Fiction film The Fifth Element; some of the influences behind it and how those influenced Star Wars and Star Wars influenced the film and the filmmaker as well.
Bombad Radio 234: Behind the Mic with Alesia Glidewell 50:31
Alésia Toyoko Glidewell is an American film director, producer and voice actress. She was previously the owner of a small production company. She has provided voices for video games, including Sly 2: Band of Thieves, where she plays Carmelita Fox and Constable Neyla; Star Fox: Assault, where she plays Krystal; and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where she reprises the role of Krystal, as well as playing Zero Suit Samus and Knuckle Joe. Alesia provided the voice and movements of the adult Alma Wade in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. In the credits of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, she goes by the name Alicia Glidwell.
Bombad 258: Alien and Star Wars 47:58
This week we're going over the Ridley Scott classic Alien and how Star Wars not only influenced this film but even the new Alien films such as Alien: Covenant! Joining us is James of Bombad Radio and Alan R. Ryan of the Ausfans Radio Network to go over this very influential show.
Bombad Radio: James Cameron and Avatar 49:44
James Cameron is one of the most prolific filmmakers of our day with hits like Aliens, True Lies, Terminator 2, as well as the two biggest films of all time worldwide, Titanic and Avatar. How was he influenced by Star Wars? What did the epic tale that George Lucas's wove do to and for him? Hear clips from The Legacy of Star Wars Featurette and hear our discussion about Avatar and James Cameron in part 6 of The Spirit of Star Wars.
Bombad Radio: Batman Triumphant 6:49
Today we're taking a look at Batman Triumphant, the planned sequel to Batman & Robin.
Bombad Radio: Batman vs Superman 4:57
Batman vs Superman: who will come out on top?
Bombad Radio: BNN 4-25-16 13:50
Hello and welcome to the April 25th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 5-30-16 12:09
Hello and welcome to the May 30th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 6-13-16 9:01
Hello and welcome to the June 13th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 6-6-16 8:59
Hello and welcome to the June 6th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 4-11-16 9:51
Hello and welcome to the April 11th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 4-18-16 22:08
Hello and welcome to the April 18th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 4-4-16 29:54
Hello and welcome to the April 4th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 7-4-16 18:10
Hello and welcome to the July 4th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 6-20-16 18:08
Hello and welcome to the June 20th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: 6-27-16 18:53
Hello and welcome to the June 27th, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 5-2-16 21:06
Hello and welcome to the May 2nd, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 5-23-16 21:37
Hello and welcome to the May 23rd, 2016 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: BNN 5-9-17 12:37
Hello and welcome to the May 9th, 2017 edition of BNN!
Bombad Radio: Christmas Special 1:29:13
Merry Christmas from Bombad Radio as we give you a bonus episode, an interview with voice actress Carrie Keranen!
Bombad Radio 269: A Conversation in Blood with Paul S. Kemp 44:36
Episode 269 features Paul S. Kemp as we discuss his newest book, his 3rd Egil and Nix novel called A Conversation in Blood, out in Bookstores EVERYWHERE January 24. At the end you can hear my review of the book! Follow Paul S. Kemp at his official website:
Bombad Radio 246: Darren Jacobs with Anumal Empire - Writing a Dystopia and tales of Nobility, Brian Blessed and More! 1:01:03
Actor, Author, Voice Over Artist - Darren Jacobs joins us to talk his book series Anumal Empire and the struggles writing such a series and how he gets his muse. Hear us talk about using music to help us write and more. Then we talk about his acting career, working with Doug Jones, Cas Anvar etc in Nobility and even a Star Wars tale or two with Brian Blessed. Also listen in for a fun sneak peek at next week's episode and an edition of Bombad Musings as we talk about other series with animal protagonists such as Narnia (the newest film has been announced by Sony aka The Silver Chair) and the Brian Jacques classic series Redwall, its TV show, and the hope for a film.
Bombad Radio: DC Comics Issue 934 Review 2:22
Today we're taking a quick look at DC Comics' 934th issue.
Bombad Radio 242: BNN Brings On the Star Wars News as we visit Dark and Day and Marvel Avengers Academy with Linnea Sage 1:11:02
BNN brings us the highlights of Star Wars Celebration from Rogue One to Star Wars Rebel then Israel Grey, author of the Dark and Day series joins us to talk his book series, influences, art and more. Then Linnea Sage voice of Agent 13 aka Sharon Carter and Nebula from the Marvel Avengers Academy series and a children's book author steps in to discuss her work! Its a big episode and all here in Episode 242!
Bombad Radio 233: From Deadpool to Donald Duck, the Doctor to an Astronaut (FanX 2016 Coverage) 55:32
Join us as we go over our 2016 Salt Lake FanX coverage with interviews from Fabian Nicieza (the creator of Deadpool), to Tony Anselmo (the voice of Donald Duck), to the Peter Davidson (the 5th Doctor in Doctor Who), to a real life hero, Buzz Aldrin who went to the moon! All this and more with hosts James, Jeremiah, and Eric, on episode 233!
Bombad Radio 236: Rogue One A Star Wars Story now with a Star Wars Trailer Discussion and Analysis 1:34:44
Episode 236 has James, Jason, Jeremiah, Gabe, and Star Wars author Adam Bray together to discuss the new trailer for Rogue One, our thoughts and analysis of the shots we see, possible connections to Star Wars Rebels, especially season 2 and beyond!
Bombad Radio 239: Dragon Ball Z to Borderlands 2 FUNimation voice actor J. Michael Tatum 51:46
This week's guest is voice actor J. Michael Tatum. This FUNimation mainstay since 2004 has been in nearly 200 different in anime and video games. Major roles include Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan and more! When it comes to video games fans know him best as Sir Hammerlock in Borderlands 2 and as Zarbon in the Dragon Ball Z titles!
Bombad Radio 245: The Rogue One Story Trailer is here and RIP Kenny Baker 1:04:31
The full trailer for Rogue One A Star Wars Story is finally here as Zach and I break it and many other news story down! And then we pay our respects to the recently passed Kenny Baker the actor who played R2D2 through 6 films, who passed away at the age of 83.
Bombad Radio 249: 50 Years of Star Trek with John Jackson Miller 1:24:31
Star Trek Celebrates its 50th Year and we Celebrate by talking Star Trek itself, Star Trek Discovery, the newest film Star Trek Beyond and bring in author John Jackson Miller to talk his Star Trek Prey TRILOGY set to be released this month and every month after! Notes: James, Jason, and Jeremiah start talking about their thoughts on Star Trek Discovery, their hopes and frustrations for the series and then talk a bit about the films in general. Then author John Jackson Miller joins in as they talk about Star Trek Beyond. Does it connect to Mass Effect? What is the future of the franchise and Star Trek 4 going to be? Then we all dive into the upcoming trilogy of books Star Trek Prey that come out every month from September - November and tells a tale that spans from the aftermath of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock to the days after Star Trek Nemesis. Its a big celebration of Star Trek's 50th Birthday! Come join us!
Bombad Radio 250: The Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mafia 3 with Jesse Harlin 1:49:38
Join us and Jesse Harlin (composer also of Mafia 3) as we talk about the music of Star Wars: The Old Republic and listen to the new themes for the game. In this episode we celebrate 250 episodes on the air by discussing Star Wars beginning with the upcoming Timothy Zahn novel Thrawn as well as the special effects of The Force Awakens!
Bombad Radio 251: Rob Smith and the Story of LucasArts 1:03:41
The Story of LucasArts was written by Rob Smith in 2008 called "Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts" join us as we discuss the history of this famed company with former Editor in Chief of Playstation Magazine, Machinima, PC Magazine, and Quality Assurance of EA, Rob Smith! We delve into the classic games of LucasArts, what made them great, different steps in their history from Knights of the Old Republic to Star Wars 1313, from Grim Fandango to Dark Forces and much more!
Bombad Radio 252 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1:14:09
In Episode 252 we discuss the 2003 Lucasarts & Bioware title Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic! We go over our fandom of it, thoughts about characters, plot elements as we go through the whole game, things that were cut etc. For the middle segment Jeremiah talks about hearing the podcast in the wild, Star Wars fandom is everywhere and your thoughts on the polls throughout the week!
Bombad Radio 253: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords 1:20:35
In Episode 253 we discuss the 2003 followup to Knights of the Old Republic, the Lucasarts & Obsidion title Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords. We go over our fandom of it, thoughts about characters, plot elements as we go through the whole game, things that were cut etc. What do you think of KOTOR 2?
Bombad Radio 254: Rogue One and the novels for Star Wars: The Old Republic 1:11:46
Episode 254 is here as we discuss the brand new (final) trailer for Rogue One! Joining us is Travis Hymas of Three Good Sirs and Eric Onkenhout making his podcast debut! After talking Rogue One: A Star Wars Story we dive into the four novels that expand the universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic and KOTOR. We begin with Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams, then dive into Deceived by Paul S. Kemp, then Drew Karpyshyn's Revan and Annihilation. At the end we discuss what is coming up in the show as well as which book we recommend casual fans read!
Bombad Radio 255: The Comics of Knights of the Old Republic (ft. John Jackson Miller) 1:08:54
We continue our look back at the Knights of the Old Republic's legacy as we look at the comics with an interview with KOTOR Comic Book writer John Jackson Miller, diving into his notes, experiences and more. Then we look at the Logan trailer, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Donald Glover becoming Lando Calrissian and more!
Bombad Radio 267: Can't Stop Rogue One, Not Even China 55:21
James and Jeremiah celebrate Jame's birthday discussing the latest Rogue One A Star Wars Story news from its opening in China, to revelations about Diego Luna and his son. Also they go over Carrier Fisher's passing and the petition to make her an official Disney Princess as well as other topics from recasting the Fantastic Four, the Warcraft film and more!
Bombad Radio 268: Brian Kindregan - The Art of Storytelling from Space Jam to Mass Effect 1:15:51
Episode 268 has host Jeremiah interview Brian Kindregan, storyboarder for Space Jam, Quest for Camelot, The Iron Giant, Lion King 1.5 and writer for video games such as Jade Empire, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and Mass Effect 2. Listen as we dive into how he created some iconic characters, made the transition, the difference between writing for Bioware and Blizzard, and so much more!
Bombad Radio 268: Brian Kindregan - The Art of Storytelling from Space Jam to Mass Effect Pt. 2 1:15:51
Episode 268 has host Jeremiah interview Brian Kindregan, storyboarder for Space Jam, Quest for Camelot, The Iron Giant, Lion King 1.5 and writer for video games such as Jade Empire, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and Mass Effect 2. Listen as we dive into how he created some iconic characters, made the transition, the difference between writing for Bioware and Blizzard, and so much more!
Bombad Radio 270: Do We Dream of Eclectic Crossovers? 1:05:06
Jeff McGee and Jesse Graves join Jeremiah on Bombad Radio as we have a fun discussion about Crossvers and Team-Ups! What are some upcoming crossovers and team-ups in comics, film, television and what are some we'd like to see, no matter how outlandish they may seem!
Bombad Radio 274: So Much Star Wars Before Celebration! 59:13
Star Wars Celebration is just around the corner and hosts Jeremiah and Kae answer questions from listeners about current Star Wars news and even Ghost in the Shell (movie). We also delve into what panels we're looking forward to most at Celebration and what we expect to see and hear. Also some other fun and shenanigans ensue and of course some great announcements for the coming week.
Bombad Radio: Episode 275: Let's Travel to Andromeda with Sara Ryder’s voice Fryda Wolff 10:42
As promised, not EVERYTHING is Star Wars this week! Here is episode 275 an interview with the voice of Sara Ryder, the main protagonist of Bioware's newest title Mass Effect Andromeda! She discusses her career in voice and video games, roles such as Street Fighter, Paradigm and of course Mass Effect Andromeda!
Bombad Radio 256: The Future of Knights of the Old Republic 1:06:52
Tyler Westhause, the Social Media Manager for the Rebel Force Radio Podcast, Writer, and head of the RFR Official Online Discussion Group joins us, with voice actor Zach Johnson of BNN to discuss the Future of Knights of the Old Republic, As we wrap up our series on KOTOR we look back and forward, what has it influenced? Where could we see more influences? And discuss the game, the MMO, and what we wish to see in the future, as well as answer your questions!
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 3 37:28
Travis and Jeremiah discuss what YOU were discussing on Social Media with news, polls, comments, recommendations and more!
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 1 31:19
Welcome to Essential Bombad Radio #1 where we discuss everything that YOU talk about on the official Bombad Radio Twitter/Facebook and more! This week hosts Jeremiah and Travis go over: - Who the fan favorite of the "big 3" between Han, Luke and Leia is - Which will make more Box Office wise between Marvel's Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Fan favorite of the new "big 3" between Rey, Poe, and Finn - Who would you rather have defending the Earth, The Avengers or The Justice League? - We also do a live reaction to the new XXX: The Return of Xander Cage Trailer - Then we wrap with our recommendation of the week Star Wars: Year by Year (newly updated) from DK Books
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 11 39:41
Essential Bombad Radio #11 - In this installment Jeremiah and Travis discuss: - Iron Fist is it critic proof? What did people think? - The Switch - Is it successful? - Mass Effect Andromeda (Review and controversey) - and more!
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 13 51:57
Essential Bombad Radio #13 is here and we talk lots of stuff! - New Transformers Trailer - Baywatch - Thor Ragnarok - Nintendo Cancels the NES Classic - Nintendo Direct News - Zelda Outsells the Switch - Star Wars Celebration news! - The Last Jedi - Star Wars Battlefront 2 - and more!
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 2 39:50
Essential Bombad #2 is here as we go over the arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon and the fact that the Roomba Robot is made by IRobot and someone let a company called Skynet actually make robots. Also this week we go over: -The trailers of Ghost in the Shell, Valerian, and Beauty and the Beast - The NES Mini and its lack of product - Kong Skull Island - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Travis's thoughts) - and our recommendation of the week: ROGUE ONE: CATALYST the prequel novel for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 4 35:09
Essential Bombad Radio #4 is here and we talk some Rogue One with Travis giving some limited spoiler free thoughts on the film and then we dive into Super Nintendo World, the new land being built at Universal Studios, what rides we want and more! Of course we talk trailers and the new Duck Tales as we cover all the Essentials for Bombad Radio Listeners! Remember COMMENT on, Retweet, or SHARE this episode for a chance to win our Bombad Radio Christmas Giveaway! This week's show we discuss: -Rogue One (comparing it in quality to Fantastic Beasts and some minor thoughts) -Super Nintendo World to be built at Universal -Spiderman Homecoming Trailer -Transformers: Last Knight Trailer -War of the Planet of the Apes -New Duck Tales cast includes David Tenant!
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 5 38:45
Travis and Jeremiah go through the films of 2017 and what ones they are looking forward to. In the second half we go over some of the video games we're looking forward to in 2017. What are yours?
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 6 31:39
Essential Bombad Radio is back in 2017 talking about movies, video games and more! Today on the docket we discuss: - 2017 Razzie Nominations or possible nomations of Ben Affleck and Margot Robbie and more! - Deadpool, could it be up for an academy award after its WGA, PGA, and now DGA nominations? - The Nintendo Switch is here, we break down the news conference unveiling its features, games, and price - Beauty and the Beast unveils a musical TV Spot - X-Men Supernova is rumored to be the next X-Men film. Is this a good move for the franchise? - Sony and Spider-Man, does Sony make good films? - and more!
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 9 29:35
Essential Bombad Radio #9 is here as we cover: - Matt Reeves is OFFICIALLY the Batman director (for now) - Nightwing movie announced with director - X-Men bids farewell to some and life to others - Gambit Movie still on - How good is Breath of the Wild? - Nintendo Switch News - What company now lets you buy trophies for your PS4 games? - Danny Glover was to be in Mortal Kombat as who? - Rogue One Blu-Ray News! - Han Solo begins! - and more!
Bombad Radio: Essential Bombad 10 52:50
In this episode of Essential Bombad Radio we discuss the following: - Game Critic Jim Sterling sued by game developer for doing game journalism, suit dropped. - Logan aftermath, what *should* happen next? - Guardians 2 full trailer hype! (Also, did I see the Infinity War logo online?) - Two open world games set in post-apocalyptic worlds filled with machine creatures - Horizon and Zelda - Switch launch successes and failures. - Secret Empire controversy, HYDRA Magneto variant cover. - Star Wars Rebels season 4 confirmed! - Travis’ recommendation: All-Star Batman (Rebirth)
Bombad Radio: Friday Night Fight - Ghosts vs Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 42:39
Friday Night Fights for April (yes its early) is here as we discuss Ghost in the Shell, the new film based on the hugely influential 90s film and Anime and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets based on the 70s highly influentual comic series. Which film will be better? Which film will be more successful? What are our hopes? Join us and sound off in the comments
Bombad Radio: Friday Night Fights: Round Robins 26:53
Welcome to Friday Night Fights, the show we will be doing the first Friday of EACH Month with a different battle based on different fandoms! This first month we’re doing the battle of the Robins. Who was the greatest of Batman’s Robins? Can you even name them all? What is YOUR favorite? Why?
Bombad Radio: Friday Night Fights - Team Legend of Zelda 33:54
Friday Night Fights for March 2017 is here and in honor of the newest game in the Legend of Zelda series Breath of the Wild, we are battling about Zelda! Or at least a team of Zelda Characters! Kelsee joins Jeremiah as we discuss forming a team of RPG Characters but our team of four must be from the Legend of Zelda series and must include Link. But which Link? Which characters? Will we agree? What teams do would you make?
Bombad Radio: The Spirit of Star Wars Part 3: Stargate & Independence Day 49:14
Since 1977 Star Wars has been a greatly influential force in filmmaking and for film goers everywhere. In Part 3 we cover two of the films of Roland Emmerich.
Bombad Radio: Wonder Woman Trailer Reaction 23:13
Today we react to the new trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman film.
Bombad Radio: Justice League - Worlds Collide 6:34
After season 2 of the Justice League animated TV show, Bruce Timm and Warner Bros were working on an animated film to bridge the gap between Seasons 2 and 3 (Justice League Unlimited). The film was cancelled just before recording so here is what we know:
Bombad Radio: Justice League vs. Teen Titans - Is the film any good? 6:38
Justice League vs. Teen Titans, the 2016 animated film in the DC Animated Universe that pits the titans of the Justice League vs the Teen Titans themselves. How good is the film? Is it worth your time? Who should or shouldn't watch it? All this and more in this episode of the Justice Cast!
Bombad Radio Presents: The Spirit of Star Wars Part 7 - John Carter 58:20
Before Star Wars there was pulp science fiction. One of the biggest and most influential was the John Carter series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Now over 100 years old we go over the film adaptation and how it influenced Star Wars and vice-versa. What did you think of John Carter?
Bombad Radio 248: The Making of Star Wars and Indiana Jones with J.W. Rinzler! 53:37
J.W. Rinzler the author of The Making of Star Wars and The Making of Indiana Jones joins us to talk behind the scenes of writing those impressively detailed books and about writing his arc in Star Wars The Clone Wars as well as his solo work now. Tune in for stories of the Lucasfilm Archives, the Ark of the Covenant, George Lucas, and of course Star Wars! J.W. Rinzler starts off talking about writing his Jar Jar Binks arc in Star Wars the Clone Wars and its influences with Indiana Jones and Star Wars and the input George Lucas had on it Then we talk his process of writing the "making of" books, his relation with George Lucas, digging through the archives and about his Indiana Jones book and where the villain came from. Rinzler also discusses the Disney buyout and how it changed a bit for his book and contact with George Lucas ended. Also a discussion about his Black Cat - Edgar Allen Poe influenced award winning short film and his future fictional work.
Bombad Radio 272: Geek Designs with Katie Elhoffer 1:25:35
For this episode we are joined by fashion designer/guru Katherine Elhoffer of Elhofer Design! She gives us some history of her education, and how she landed being a queen of geek-bound-chic. Katherine tell us about her process of how her designs go from an idea to reality. We all share the struggle of not being the off-the-shelf sizes, and how businesses like Katherine's is changing that. She even goes into detail about designing and making all her products right in Los Angeles.
Bombad Radio 247: Rock the Dragon with Kyle Hebert 1:14:11
Rock the Dragon with Dragon Ball Z voice actor Kyle Hebert voice of Gohan, the Ox-King, the Narrator and more! Also he voices J. Jonah Jameson, and many other characters from anime, video games and so much more! Kyle Hebert is a voice actor who started off as a fan of Dragon Ball Z and then was cast as adult Gohan (after the Cell Games) and joined the franchise including gaining the role as the narrator and the Ox-King, especially with the Dragon Ball Z Kai revamp of the series. Kyle Hebert then did many other projects for funimation and though he is no longer in Texas, still does some work with them. After DBZ we discuss his, now disney role, as Ryu in Wreck in Ralph and what that process was like. Also the Spider-Man Universe where he plays J. Jonah Jameson and even various other roles throughout television, and even podcasting where he helps out with the Smodcast Network and at one ti me even ran an anime podcast on the Kevin Smith Network. Learn more about Kyle Hebert and his projects with range from the Smodcast to Anime and more at his official website:
Bombad Radio 235: Behind the Mic with Mark C. Hanson 50:19
Episode 235 is with Mark C. Hanson, voice actor of Starbrite in Rainbow Brite as well as Qatar in Final Fantasy Type O and Optimus Prime at Universal Studios
Bombad Radio 237: Composer Peter McConnell 53:00
Peter McConnell has composed award-winning scores for a diverse range of video games including Broken Age, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, the Sly Cooper series, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and Grim Fandango. Before working independently, Peter composed in-house at LucasArts contributing to beloved franchises such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Monkey Island.
Bombad Radio: What Riddick Learned From Star Wars 42:51
In Bombad Radio #259 Jason, Stephanie, James, and Jeremiah discuss the Riddick trilogy and what it learned or didn't learn from Star Wars. NOTE: Apologies about the sound. There was an issue with the recorder for several recordings. This is the last of the affected episodes.
Bombad Radio 240: The World of Voice-Over with Rob McCollum 50:22
Robert Howard McCollum (born September 8, 1971) is an American voice actor who provides voice for anime and video games at Funimation and Okatron5000. He has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films. McCollum was also the host and producer of WFAA-TV's Good Morning Texas.
Bombad Radio: Rogue One Review Show 1:44:19
James, Jason, and Jeremiah of Bombad Radio are joined by author Adam Bray as we discuss (WITH SPOILERS) Rogue One A Star Wars Story! Also included are your reviews as Gabe, Matt, Eric, Lance, Kae, Paul, and Travis also send in their reviews as we all talk, revel in, and live in the newest Star Wars film: ROGUE ONE!
Bombad Radio: Rogue One and Starship Troopers 1:06:02
Rogue One is out in theaters this week and so we end our "Spirit of Star Wars" series with a discussion on the 1997 Paul Verhoeven film Starship Troopers! You wanna live forever? Do our Rebels? What influences does Star Wars have on Starship Troopers or what elements of Starship Troopers do we want in Rogue One? How do they compare? Are you ready for Rogue One?
Bombad Radio Presents: The Spirit of Star Wars Part 4: Star Trek and Galaxy Quest 1:03:09
Star Trek starting in the 60s predates Star Wars by more than a decade but the rivalry between Star Trek and Star War fans still goes on. This week we will be talking about a film that was made as "a Star Wars film", the director of which went on to make an actual Star Wars film. We also talk the Star Trek spoof Galaxy Quest and how spoofs may or may not survive in the Star Wars Universe. All this and more in part 4 of our Spirit of Star Wars summer series!
Bombad Radio: Star Wars Celebration 2017 Day 1 18:46
Star Wars Celebration has begun in Orlando with a huge 40th Anniversary of Star Wars Panel, as well as much much more! Co-Host Kae is reports on what she and her husband were able to do Day 1 as well as an interview with Tricia Barr, Cole Horton, and Adam Bray on the new Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia.
Bombad Radio: Star Wars Celebration 2017 Day 2 6:02
Kae's DAY 2 report of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando! Its the big LAST JEDI Day and more! Here are her comments!
Bombad Radio: Star Wars Celebration 2017 Day 3 44:32
Kae and Henry discuss Day 3 of Celebration and talk Star Wars Battlefront 2, Disney Parks, Star Wars Rebels, the 501st Photo and Bash. Also included is the Star Wars Rebels Press Conference!
Bombad Radio: Star Wars Celebration 2017 Day 4 4:36
Star Wars Celebration has wrapped up its 4th and final day! Listen to Kae and Henry one last night as they wrap their coverage of the event!
A Bombad Happy Thanksgiving! 26:23
Today's Thanksgiving and we've got a nice little fun special episode just for you. James and Steve C (of Steven and Steven on Steven and the Mousecast) take some time to talk Turkey, the perfect plate, recall a story or two and discuss the finer points of working on one of the big holidays. Hope you enjoy!
Bombad Radio Presents: The Spirit of Star Wars Part 2: The Last Starfighter 49:24
Since 1977 Star Wars has been a greatly influential force in filmmaking and for film goers everywhere. In Part 2 we go over the 1984 Nick Castle directed science fiction classic, The Last Starfighter and how it bore the legacy of Return of the Jedi and how it utilized Star Wars imagery, ideas, and even staff. We also think back about the legacy of Robert Preston and compare him to Alec Guinness and the legacy each left on their films.
Bombad Radio: Who is Hela in Thor: Ragnarok? 6:16
Who the hell is Hela? Jeremiah discusses Cate Blanchett's character in the upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok Hela is a fictional supervillainess appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Asgardian goddess of death is based on the Norse goddess, Hel. The ruler of Hel and Niflheim, the character has been a frequent foe of Thor. Debuting in the Silver Age of comic books, Hela first appeared in Journey into Mystery #102 and was adapted from Norse mythology by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. She will make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Thor: Ragnarok, played by Cate Blanchett.
Bombad Radio: Who Is The Grandmaster? 4:15
The Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in The Avengers #69. The Grandmaster is one of the ageless Elders of the Universe and has mastered most civilizations' games of skill and chance. Different media appearances depict him as the brother of Collector. The character will be portrayed by Jeff Goldblum in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Thor: Ragnarok.
Bombad Radio: William Dietz 1:20:18
Rogue One is out and to celebrate and NOT spoil anyone, we have an interview with author William C. Dietz who wrote the original tale (or at least one of them) about obtaining the Death Star Plans now overed in canon with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Hear us talk about his Star Wars: Dark Forces Trilogy introducing fan favorite Kyle Katarn, as well as his other books from Mass Effect: Deception, Starcraft: Heavens Devils, his work with Halo, and other tie-ins as well as writing for Video Games (some based on his own books) and of course check out his newest novel Into the Guns, available everywhere books are sold!
Bombad Radio: New Beginnings with Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt 46:40
New Host Kaela joins Jeremiah on Bombad Radio episode 271 as she is introduced and then legendary voice actors Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt, known for hundreds of shows, films, and video games (including but not limited to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ben 10, Naruto, Bleach, and more) appear and talk about their careers, their book on voice acting and more! Then we discuss a little about what is going on, get to know Kaela more, prepare for Celebration coming in April! Its a great episode and a brand new start for Bombad Radio!
TP Podcast S3 E4 (Sundance 2017) 28:57
This episode's all about the 2017 Sundance Film Festival!
TP Podcast S3 E3 (Al Coronel) 31:14
Tonight we're sitting down with the talented Al Coronel, known for his work in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
TP Podcast 10/18/16 (James Arnold Taylor and Ruth Connell) 29:57
Tonight we're chatting with James Arnold Taylor (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and Ruth Connell (Supernatural)
TP Podcast 10/5/16 (Philo Barnhart and David West) 28:27
Tonight we're sitting down with Philo Barnhart (known for his artwork on The Little Mermaid) and the talented David West.
TP Podcast 10/26/16 (Larry Nimececk) 29:54
Tonight we had the opportunity to speak with Larry Nemecek, known for his work on the Star Trek series as an author, editor, and consultant.
TP Podcast 9/14/16 (Marshall Moore/Park City Film Studio) 29:57
Tonight we're talking all about Marshall Moore and the Park City Film Studio!
TP Podcast 9/21/16 (James Bishop) 29:57
Tonight we're chatting with the talented James Bishop!
TP Podcast 9/28/16 29:57
Talking Pictures Podcast for September 28, 2016
TP Podcast 9/7/16 25:57
Talking Pictures Podcast for September 7, 2016
TP Podcast 7/16/16 (Monica Moore) 29:27
Tonight we got the chance to interview the talented Monica Moore!
TP Podcast 11/16/16 (Lawrence White) 29:57
TP Podcast 12/14/16 (Pt. 1 of 3 with Kurt Bestor Holiday Movies) 28:31
TP Podcast 8/1/16 (Mangia Pizza) 27:42
Talking Pictures Podcast for August 1, 2016, and it's all about Mangia Pizza.
TP Podcast 8/6/16 (Dead Film Society) 30:57
Tonight we're discussing the Dead Film Society and what it brings to the world of entertainment.
TP Podcast 8/16/16 26:38
Talking Pictures Podcast for August 16, 2016
TP Podcast 8/24/16 (Shabazz Ray, Trevor Clegg, Demitrius Daniels Pt. 1) 28:51
Tonight's show is the first installment in our chat with Shabazz Ray, Trevor Clegg, and Demitrius Daniels!
TP Podcast 1/11/16 (Rob Diamond Pt. 2) 28:27
The second of our two-part chat with Rob Diamond!
TP Podcast 1/18/16 (Rob Diamond Pt. 3) 28:27
The third and final part of our sit-down with the talented Rob Diamond!
TP Podcast 1/25/16 (Vincent D'Onofrio) 19:26
Tonight we're chatting with Vincent D'Onofrio, best-known right now for his work as Kingpin in Marvel's Daredevil series on Netflix!
TP Podcast 1/4/16 (Rob Diamond Pt. 1) 28:22
Tonight we're sitting down for a chat with the talented Rob Diamond!
TP Podcast Season 3: Sundance Pt. 1 (Spanky Ward, Ramona Diaz) 21:42
The first in our two-part series on the Sundance Film Festival featuring Spanky Ward and Ramona Diaz!
TP Podcast Season 3: Sundance Pt. 2 (Singer Rotana, Hraefn Wulfson, Check Waagen) 29:57
The second part of our two-part series on the Sundance Film Festival, featuring Rotana, Hraefn Wulfson and Check Waagen!
TP Podcast: May 2016 Ep. 1 28:05
TP Podcast: May 2016 Ep. 2 32:53
TP Podcast: May 2016 Ep. 3 29:57
Our third podcast episode for May 2016.
TP Podcast: Comicon 2016 (Pam Berry and Chance Le Prey) 38:46
This evening we're talking to area talents Pam Berry and Chance Le Prey!
TP Podcast: Comicon 2016 (Brendan Barrowman) 25:36
Tonight we chat with Brendan Barrowman!
TP Podcast: Comicon 2016 (Carrie Keagan) 10:19
Tonight we interviewed Carrie Keagan, known for her work on VH1 and E!
TP Podcast: Comicon 2016 (Don Shanks) 19:13
Tonight we sat down with Don Shanks, best known for his role as Michael Myers in Halloween 5!
TP Podcast: Comicon 2016 (Erica Carroll) 24:51
Tonight we interviewed Erica Caroll, who plays Dottie Ramsey on When Calls the Heart!
TP Podcast: Comicon 2016 (Julie Caitlin Brown) 17:58
Tonight we had the opportunity to chat with Julie Caitlin Brown of Babylon fame!
TP Podcast: Comicon 2016 (Michelle Money and Brian Carlson) 38:46
Tonight we had the chance to interview Michelle Money and Brian Carlson!
TP Podcast: Comicon 2016 (Mythica Cast) 28:05
Today we got a chance to chat with the cast of Mythica! Hear their takes and the answers to the TP crew's questions here.
TP Podcast 7/1/16: Movies, Movies, Movies, What's Hot? 26:47
The title says it all. We're here to discuss the films worth seeing right now!
TP Podcast 7/13/16 (Comedy in Film) 32:37
In this episode, the TP team discusses comedy in film; when it works, when it doesn't, and how best to use it in cinema.
TP Podcast 7/20/16 (So You're a Film Critic, and Sulu is Gay? No Way!) 35:57
The TP crew discusses film criticism and Star Trek (among other topics).
TP Podcast 7/6/16 (New Summer Favs and Giveaway) 32:00
Today on Talking Pictures we're going over some of our favorite summer films and a giveaway for our viewers!